Community Decree

I will recognize and respect the struggles of my ancestors as a component of cultural heritage.

In honor of this Juneteenth celebration I hereby decree that:

1) We, as African American(afro-diaspora) individuals and communities in America, acknowledge the importance of “looking out for one another” and serving as our brother’s keeper. We recognize that social ties are the bedrock of our hard-won freedom and strength, and we will uphold our collective responsibility of striving for one another’s success.

2) We acknowledge that our political representatives should reflect the values and needs of the African American community, as a whole. We must honor the struggles of our ancestors and choose leaders whose commitment to the community is based on a shared understanding of this history and whose decisions, policies, and programs reflect a desire to see the African American community thrive.

3) We commit to profound respect and devotion to the African American ancestry and history of struggle that has lead us to the freedoms we have now. Through the retelling of stories, active preservation of artifacts, and practicing empathetic understanding of our past, we will ensure that the accomplishments of our ancestors and the fight for freedom and justice are never forgotten.

4) Implement and adhere to financial literacy courses in all grade school and high school classrooms, as well as include in libraries and community centers throughout the African American community.

5) Increase the presence of African American-owned businesses and entrepreneur programs.

6) Establish and maintain community gardens throughout the African American community to promote healthier eating habits and sustainability.

7) Create and fund independent educational resources to address the disproportionate number of African American students in underperforming schools.

8) Support African American-owned media outlets and initiatives to facilitate access to and curation of diverse, respectful dialogue of African American history and culture.

9) Facilitate access to physical and mental health resources as well as promote regular health screenings within the African American community.

10) Start programs to fund tuition and transportation costs for secondary education for African American students, to help combat the student loan crisis.

11) Provide increased access to investments and funding for African Americans and small business owners to help combat the generational wealth gap.

12) Establish and promote homeownership initiatives in the African American community to help secure wealth and stability.

13) Advocate for policy changes, programs and resources to help combat racial disparities in the criminal justice system.

14) Create mentorship programs and safe spaces to empower the youth and facilitate a healthy transition from adolescence to adulthood. 

15) Advocate for cultural competency and antiracism initiatives in public, private, and governmental spaces to ensure equitable treatment in all aspects of society. 

We will commit to living by these ancient principles and demonstrating our commitment to the advancement of the African American community. 

So let it be decreed. 


The African American Community