More than just a celebration, Rather a Day of Enterprise

Envisioning a future where Black individuals can live fulfilling lives without the limitations imposed by historic prejudice and discrimination. This is a future where equality, respect, and opportunity are not just ideals, but realities for all.

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Become A registered Voter in the state of NJ

The power of voting is a pillar of our democratic system. Each person’s vote is a chance to make our voices heard and shape our future. But for too long, the African American community has been disenfranchised, and discouraged from voting. Let’s change that.


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Organized by: Paterson Juneteenth

6:00 pm

9 Feb 2024

Paterson Museum 2 Market st

Organized by:Paterson Juneteenth

12:00 Pm 

17 Feb 2024

Paterson Public Library

Organized by: Paterson Juneteenth

6:00 Pm

29 Dec 2023

School #28

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Color Of Freedom Coloring Book

  Certainly! Here's a short description for your "Colors of Freedom" coloring book: "Dive into a world of vibrant hues and rich history with the 'Colors of Freedom' coloring book,...