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Cooperation can extract the best from our individual uniqueness and our collective strengths.
As a black community, we have a responsibility to ourselves and our future generations to no longer let dysfunction and ignorance cloud our shared purpose. By strengthening our links and developing a united front, we can create an environment where our many unique and individual strengths can be combined to create a powerful collective voice. When we stand together, dedicated to understanding and learning from each other, our strengths are far greater than the sum of our individual parts. By embracing and celebrating our respective uniqueness and joining forces as a united front, we can unlock untold opportunities and continue to move forward.
Juneteenth Decree (read me..)

Celebrate your freedom and honor the heritage - shop Juneteenth apparel!" Emancipation Liberation Enfranchisement

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To celebrate the freedom gained on June 19 1865th!
To advocate for the rights of all African-Americans in the US.
To support the maintenance and vitality of an important African-American holiday.
To demonstrate solidarity with the African-American community.